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Pack: 1/GAL.

Car Brite™ Finish Shine Wax - Gal.

Item # CBCBOOA018G03G

  • A body shop-safe, ready-to-use, spray on-wipe off showroom wax. Removes dust, smudges and fingerprints, and enhances gloss.
  • Water-based solution
  • Purple in color with jasmine fragrance
Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturers Item #CBOOA018G03
  • Description

Silicone-free formula will not "fish eye" freshly applied paint. Quickly removes light surface contaminants. Renews wax shine and maintains "just waxed look". Leaves surface "slick" to the touch. Versatile product that can be used on paint, chrome, vinyl and glass. Ideal clay bar surface lubricant.